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Team building and beach activities

In addition to relaxing, you can also enjoy the best activities on the beach. El Niño offers numerous workshops, both sporty and creative. Think of kite surfing, beach volleyball, but also yoga and salsa. We organize these activities for large or small groups. There is always something for you. Many activities are also suitable for team building.

After an activity it is of course wonderful to catch up over a drink or barbecue on our colorful terrace with inviting lounge sofas and cozy seating areas. With a bit of luck you will enjoy a beautiful sunset and when it gets a bit chilly, there are always our cozy fires.

The best team outings are at El Niño Beach Club.

Shake cocktail

Shaken, not stirred... This summer cocktail shaking workshop is delicious and educational. You take a seat at one of the shake tables that are equipped with all the necessary cocktail tools and become acquainted with various tools and preparations. Which ingredients go well together and how do I ensure that the
cocktail looks festive. You will learn it all during this workshop. 2 different cocktails are made that can of course also be shaken alcohol-free.

Team outings El Nino Scheveningen

Power kiting

The beach is the place to be active and let your thoughts wander. A power kiting workshop offers both. Power kiting is a modern form of kite flying, for which we use two, three or four line kites. After a short instruction on how to use a kite, you will work in small groups under the guidance of enthusiastic instructors.

Power kiting is suitable for young and old, everyone can learn it. This is because we fly kites with different types and sizes of kites. The material is chosen depending on the weather conditions and the group composition. Some larger kites for people who want to experience the power of the wind and small kites for those who want to play with the wind.

Power kiting El Nino

Beach volleyball

Smash and attack with sand between your toes? Want to play with a ball in the sand? Enter the competition with friends, family or colleagues! Beach volleyball is played at competitive level with 2 against 2 players. But because this is a bit ambitious for most of us, we play 6 against 6. That makes it all a lot more fun! For larger groups we can organize a tournament in which we provide playing fields and referees. We will place a field for smaller groups, so you can play yourself.

Team outings El Nino

Archery Tag

Archery tag is a new sport on the beach! It is a combination of paintball and dodgeball, but without the hard paintballs or balls. The group is divided into teams. They compete against each other on a large playing field on the beach. There are large inflatable cushions on this field
to hide behind. All participants have a large crossbow, a head mask and a number of arrows to shoot with. The arrows have a soft foam tip, so it doesn't hurt if you get hit. After a few practice rounds in shooting, it's game on!. The team that is the first to shoot down the opponent's targets or shoot the other team wins this exciting game!

TeamOutings EL Nino

Expedition Robinson Scheveningen

Expedition Robinson Scheveningen is the team building game on the beach. You play this expedition under the leadership of Sander Janson. He was a candidate himself in 2015 and knows better than anyone what it is like to play a successful expedition.

During this team challenge you play 6 different major expedition games. All kinds of assignments are intertwined in these games. The games range from physical assignments and skill games to memory and balance games. If there is an assignment that you cannot play for physical reasons, simply skip this part.
Only when the last game has been played will the winner be announced. So if you like competition, excitement and a lot of fun, then this expedition is definitely recommended!
The Expedition Robinson Scheveningen program includes: the Fire game, Memory game, Balance game, The rope, Katpult and Archery tag. The game lasts 3.5 hours (with a half-hour break) and guarantees a whole afternoon of fun.

Expedition Robinson

Team building beach games

Beach games are 6 different fun beach games that are played as a team. Compete with your fellow players and find out which team will win this challenge! The games are diverse so that everyone can participate. From agility and speed to puzzling and balance.
The assignments must be completed as best as possible within a certain time.
The beach activities covered include: Labyrinth, Robin Hood, Flying Carpet, Puzzle Game, Frame Walk, Tic Tac Toe, memory game, Catapult Catch and the hilarious Bumper Ball.

Sherlock Holmes

A terrible crime has been committed in Scheveningen and it is up to you and your teammates to find out who committed this murder. During this virtual game you and your team will travel a route through Scheveningen. The intention is to find out who committed this murder. Along the way, collect as much forensic material as possible, bribe witnesses, and find all the clues. Hand in your findings to the police station and score even more points with photo assignments. Sherlock Holmes is a virtual game so everything takes place on the phone. (you don't go to strange people
harass) The team that first finds out the first and last name and the murder weapon wins the most points and wins this game.

Decorate slippers

During this creative workshop you will make your own unique pair of flip-flops in 1.5 hours. And what could be more fun than doing this while sitting on the beach! We start the workshop by selecting the slippers. You can let us know your shoe sizes in advance so that we can provide specific slippers
can be taken in all kinds of colors with or without a pattern. Once these have been found, selecting the beads can begin. The table is full of different beads: wood, glass, metal, clay too many to mention. Once you have made a design, the stringing can begin. The result is a unique pair of slippers that no one else has.

Burning tapas board

This wood burning workshop was really fun. During the workshop you will make your own board into which you will burn your own text or image. We do this with a burning pen. We bring many different templates for inspiration. These consist of sayings, texts, tapas images,
blonde Amsterdam, pets and much more. There is something for everyone. Once the templates have been traced, burning can begin. This is very easy, so anyone can do it. You can also print out what you want on it at home in advance and take it with you to the workshop. Then you have a very personal plank of which there is only 1.

Make a wrap bracelet with charms

Fun to make and beautiful to wear, this wrap bracelet. Thanks to its cheerful colors and silver charms, this wrap bracelet is an eye-catcher on your wrist. The basis for this bracelet are suede strands in many different colors. We start by braiding the suede band. There is
choice of more than 15 different colors. You can make the band in one color, but you can also choose to combine multiple colors. Once the band is braided, you can choose the charms that you will attach to it. At the end of the workshop you will have a beautiful piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for a long time!

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